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How to download all videos of a youtube channel just in one click?

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website, and it allows people to upload, view, share, rate and comment on the videos. YouTube provides a wide range of available video content, and now it has more than 1 billion users worldwide.

By downloading YouTube videos, you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere even without Internet connection. Do not waste time downloading YouTube videos one by one, this time you are able to download multiple videos from YouTube at once with iFun Video Converter.

iFun Video Converter is one of the best free video converter and YouTube downloader tools allowing you to convert and download videos in the easiest way. iFun Video Converter helps you download the entire YouTube channel with just 1 click.

Here’s how to download YouTube channel with iFun Video Converter. Just follow few simple steps and use iFun Video Converter to make it.

How to Download YouTube Channel with iFun Video Converter

Before using iFun Video Converter to download the channel from YouTube, what you should find out first if what is a YouTube channel.

Simply put, a channel on YouTube is actually the homepage for an account. It includes the account name, account type and displays the public videos the account owner has uploaded. As a viewer, you can subscribe your favorite channels and watch the latest videos regularly. A YouTube channel usually contains multiple videos.

Now, learn how to download the entire YouTube channel with just 1 click. We take the YouTube Channel “Simon’s Cat” as an example.

1. Go to, enter your own subscriptions or find a new YouTube channel that you are interested in. For example, the Simon’s Cat channel. click to enter it

2. Enter the YouTube channel, you will find many videos uploaded by the account owner. Copy the URL address

3. Run iFun Video Converter, go to the “Download” tab and paste the URL you copy from YouTube (by default, all the YouTube videos will be saved as MP4 format. iFun Video Converter allows you to customize the output format, bit rate, frame rate and etc.)

4. Click “Download” button, and iFun Video Converter will analyze and download the entire YouTube channel automatically. In general, with iFun Video Converter, you are able to download YouTube channel by just 1 simple click