What's ogm file format and what are pros of ogm codec and how can you convert ogm to mp4/mkv/avi with iFun Video Converter?

What is meaning of OGM?

OGM stands for Ogg media format,which is an addition for Ogg container,also being considered 

as another AVI container.

So what does ogm file look like?


2,[usotsuki] Laputa Castle in the Sky (R2 Japanese-English Dual Audio -Tokuma dub - Eng.Sub) 


How does OGM video files format come from?

Well,There has been someone who is kind of video hacker wanted to add an ogg vorbis audio 

track to a video track,he didn't wokr it out because of something going wrong with AVI container 

stucture,after he tried a lot,he found a way,which was by adding a video track to an ogg vorbis 

audio track,instead of adding an ogg vorbis audio track to a video track,and it worked great,and 

that is OGM file format.For example combining a video of DivX and an audio of AC3 together,

you'll get an AVI format file if you are using AVI container for them,or mp4 format if you are using 

quicktime container,or mkv format if you are using mkv container,or OGM format if you are using 

OGM container

What are pros of OGM codec and OGM file format?

1,Supporting multiple audio tracks(up to 16)and multiple srt/ass subtitles(up to 16).

2,Supports playing in windows media player 6.4 with right ogm decoder installed,so you don't 

   have to worry about how to play ogm files.

3,OGM's indexing speed way better than avi's,you don't have to wait for a while after you drag 

    fast speed button of an avi media file in playing.

4,Supporting chapter playing if producers of ogm files packaged them while combined this fuction.

The first ogm movie file does have 2 audio tracks which are español and english.The second 

ogm media file does have japanese and enlgish audio tracks also with japanese and english 

subtitles.Also iFun Video Converter as a professional and high efficient ogm file converter,it helps 

you convert ogm to mp4/mkv/avi or any kind of video format you want.

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