What is webm and how to convert webm video file to mp4/wmv/avi/mov/mp3 file with iFun WEBM Video Converter?

iFun Video Converter – Best Free WebM Converter to Convert WebM Video 

Files Compared to common format like MP4, AVI and FLV, most of you are 

unfamiliar with WebM.So, what is WebM format, and how to play WebM video? 

Let’s start with WebM format.

What is WebM?

Designed for the use in HTML 5 video, WebM is a free and open media file 

format based on a profile of MKV. It consists of VP8/VP9 video streams, 

Vorbis/Opus audio streams as well as WebVTT text tracks. The development 

of WebM project is sponsored by Google.According to Google, WebM format 

is quite effective and it ensures great video playback performance, even 

on older computers. It could be smoothly run and used in netbook,tablet 

and other handheld devices.Currently, WebM format is supported by popular 

video sites like YouTube, web browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Opera & IE. 

Media players including Windows Media Player (components required), VLC, 

Winamp, Moovida Core and etc. support for playing WebM video files. Chip 

manufacturers like AMD、ARM、Broadcom、Freescale、NVIDIA、Qualcomm、TI 

announced support as well. 

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngWebM Converter - Convert Any Video Formats to WebM

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to convert video files 

to WebM, iFun Video Converter is considered as the best WebM converter that 

supports all mainstream formats and can address your needs perfectly. No 

matter you want to convert MP4 to WebM, MOV to WebM, AVI to WebM, WMV to 

WebM or any other video to WebM,iFun Video Converter provides you with 

simple operation, fast converting speed and high-quality output WebM videos.


How to Convert MP4, MOV, AVI and Other Videos to WebM with iFun Video Converter

It is quite easy to convert video files to WebM with iFun Video Converter.

1.download, install and run iFun Video Converter. 

2.add your MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV, M4V, VOB, HEVC, 3G2 

files or other format videos to iFun Video Converter. 

3.set WebM as the output format, and you can also select resolution, frame

rate and bit rate for the output WebM file. 

4.click “Convert”, and iFun Video Converter will convert video to WebM quickly.

WebM Converter - Convert WebM to Other Video Formats

Sometimes, you need to install some specific components, plugins or media 

players to make sure WebM video files can play properly on your computers 

or portable devices.While, there is a better way: convert WebM files to

other popular video formats. iFun Video Converter WebM Converter is the 

perfect solution for this purpose.


iFunVideoConverter_48.pngHow to Convert WebM to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV Popular Video Formats

With this easy-to-use WebM Converter, you can convert WebM files to MP4, AVI, 

WMV, MOV and other popular video formats easily. Just launch iFun Video Converter, 

add WebM files, choose MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV and others as the output format 

and convert. At the same time, you are allowed to customize various settings like 

resolution, bit rate and etc. to get better video quality. 

iFun Video Converter offers a shortcut to Apple and Android users. Since the WebM 

Converter has ready-made output profile integrated, you can directly convert WebM 

files to other video formats for Apple, Samsung and Android devices. With iFun 

Video Converter, it won’t be a problem if you want to play WebM videos on iPhone.

iFun Video Converter WebM Converter supports:

Apple: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 1-3GS, 

iPad 1/2, iPad 3/4, iPad air 1/2, iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad mini2-4, iPod 1-3, 

iPod touch 4, iPod nano 1/2, iPod nano 3/4, iPod nano 5, iPod nano 6 and iPod 

nano 7 

Samsung: Samsung S6, S5/S4, S5 mini/S3, Galaxy Note, Note 5/4, Note 3, Galaxy S2/S 

and Galaxy Tab

Media Players: WMP, VLC, KMPlayer, GOM, Zoom Player, Potplayer, DivX Player, 

RealPlayer, UMPlayer, Jetaudio, BS Player and SMPlayer

In addition to a WebM to MP4 converter or WebM to AVI converter, iFun Video 

Converter can also act as a WebM to MP3 converter. It supports for converting 

from WebM videos to audio files. All you need to do is to set as MP3, AAC, OGG, 

WAV, WMA, M4A, AC3, FLAC or MKA and click the “Convert” button.


Download and Convert YouTube Video to WebM Format

As its other main feature, iFun Video Converter allows you to download videos 

from YouTube and other popular video sharing websites like Vimeo, Vine, 

Dailymotion, LiveLeak and etc., and convert them to WebM format. 

The whole process can be completed by few steps and clicks. Copy the video url 

link from YouTube, paste it in the WebM Converter’s address bar, choose WebM 

as the output format and click “Download” button. That’s all. iFun Video 

Converter will automatically download and convert the video to WebM. 

Convert DVD to WebM

If you want to enjoy your great DVDs on website or share them with other 

people,this WebM Converter can resolve this problem by helping you rip and 

convert DVD to WebM videos. Free download iFun Video Converter, load your 

DVD from DVD drive and easily convert DVD to WebM video file. 

WebM vs H.264

WebM is a media file format, while H.264 is a video compression standard 

that is the most commonly used format for recoding and compression. Many 

people compare WebM with H.264, in fact, they comes with total different 

definitions.More exactly, it’s the comparison between WebM VP8 and H.264, 

because VP8 is actually the encoding format of WebM.  

Developed by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) together with the

ISO/IEC JTC1 Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), H.264 gets better hardware

supports and ensures higher compression rate and quality than WebM.

Although WebM is open and royalty-free, for now, H.264 is more advantageous

in this field. 

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