What is wav audio file format and how to download youtube to wav and convert wav files to mp3/flac/m4a/aiff/wma/aac with iFun Video Converter?

What is WAV lossless audio format

WAV is an audio file format which developed by Microsoft.The default player which playing wav 

audio files is windows media player,and the sound quality of a WAV audio file basically is the 

same as CD,yet the size of a WAV audio file is way larger than MP3/wma format of the same 

audio file.

Here is a sample of wav file

"Ichchey Manush.wav" 


And it'size is 46.8MB,you can use iFun Video Converter to convert this wav file to mp3/wma 

format,then the size would be lower than 5MB.

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngiFun WAV Audio & Video Converter is one of the best WAV file converter,

and it helps you convert your lossless wav file to any lossless audio format like

flac,m4a,ogg,m4r,acc or popular formats like mp3/wma. 

How to Download and Convert Youtube Video/audio to lossless WAV audio

If you want to download and convert a youtube video/audio file to an audio fromat file only like 

mp3 or wma file,i still recommend you download the youtube video/audio file to wav audio 

format file first because it's quality lossless with iFun video Converter which aslo can be a 

youtube video/audio to wav file free downloader without quality loss.

So let me show you some pictures below described how you can download and convert yotube 

video to wav file this with iFun Video Converter.

download and convert youtube music to wav file.png

You'll get a wav file with no quality loss after you download and convert a youtube file with iFun 

Video Convert,so now you can choose to convert this wav file to any audio format you want such 

as mp3/wma/flac/m4a/aiff/ogg/m4r/aac or not.

WMA and MP3 file size are smaller than wav file size,but if you convert wav audio file to wma or mp3 

file size it'll loss audio quality,so if you don't mind the audio quality of an audio file,ok go for wma or 

mp3 file,you'll find it's very suitable for iPhone 6/6s 16g version.

WAV vs WMA and How to Convert WAV to WMA 

WAV to WMA.png

WAV vs MP3 and How to Convert WAV to MP3

iFun Video Converter as one of the best free wav to mp3 converter helps you convert your wav files to mp3 

format file free for better in storage and playing in whatever mobile phones or PC computers due to mp3 

format files size is way smaller than wav files.

WAV to MP3.png

Other audio fomats like flac/m4a/aac/ogg/m4r/aiff are lossless format,so you can convert your wav files to 

any format one of them without worry loss quality.

WAV vs FLAC and How to Convert WAV to FLAC

WAV to FLAC.png

WAV vs M4A and How to Convert WAV to M4A

M4a is a audio media container also can be audio format.Usually the m4a container supports aac/apple 

lossless even mp3 file format.

WAV to M4A.png

wav vs ogg and How to convert wav to ogg

WAV to OGG.png

wav vs m4r and how to convert wav to m4r

You can convert your wav files to m4r format files for and uploading them

to your iPhone as background musics or ringtones.

wav vs aac and How to convert wav to aac

WAV to AAC.png

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