What is vob format and how to convert vob format videos to mp4/avi/wmv/mkv/mpeg//mov and mp3 files for free with iFun VOB Video Converter?

Usually you'll see lot's of VOB files in a DVD Disc if you put and 

play this DVD in a compute disc drive.basically the vob files look 

like this,











So what a VIDEO_TS.BUP and VIDEO_TS.IFO file mean and how you can 

play the vob format movie files even you know they all are movie 


VIDEO_TS.IFO was used in controlling the play of VOB video files,so 

you can get the playing information details of this dvd vob video files.

When you put your original DVD discs and playing in a disc drive,the 

.IFO files help you choose what audio track and subtitles you want if 

the original VOB DVD files do have these infomation.

For example like this picture below shows each vob video file playing 

duration.and VIDEO_TS.BUP is the copy of .IFO files.

Now what you gonna do with rest a list of seperate vob files,actually 

you can merge or combine these multiple vob files into one.

A lot of softwares can help you do that, i'm not going to tell you 

which one is the best,just remember don't pay for it,no worthy for get 

a paid software for merging vob files even the software provides 

lot's of related function you may need,still,there are lot's of free 

softwares out there.

After you merged your list of vob files into one,you may ask is it 

possible for play and open the vob file in PC video player directly?

The answer is yes,it's absolutely possible.But there is a question that 

VOB files usually are huge.The average vob files size of one 720p DVD 

movie is 4-7 GB,and that's unacceptable if want to keep lot's of 

original DVD vob files in a PC computer,so i'll suggest you convert 

your vob video files to other format like mp4/avi/wmv/mov/mkv/mpg with 

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngone of the best free vob video file converter iFun Video Converter,

even iFun Video Converter helps you convert your vob files to mp3 files 

just for listening.

How to convert VOB files to mp4 for free?

Launch and open iFun Video Converter and which vob file you want to convert,

vob file.png

and you'll see a "custom" setting option for you to choose which video 

format you want to convert and bit rate,video resolution and audio rate etc.

Click on it and choose "mp4" format.

vob to mp4.png

and click "convert" button for conversion,after it finished you'll mp4 

format of original dvd video files.

How to convert VOB files to avi for free?

convert vob to avi.png

How to convert VOB files to wmv for free?

convert vob to wmv.png

How to convert VOB files to mov for free?

convert vob to mov.png

How to convert VOB files to mkv for free?

convert vob to mkv.png

How to convert VOB files to mpg for free?

convert vob to mpg.png

How to convert VOB files to mp3 for free?

convert vob to mp3.png

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