What is the best VR device you can get from 1 dollar to 1000 dollars and how to convert your normal videos to VR videos?

Since 3D videos have become a trend from here and there, VR devices show their importance 

gradually. These days, I have experienced several kinds of VR devices from $1 to $1000, so I 

want to recommend you some of them.

I know much about some hot devices with relatively high price, while those low-price ones are 

rich in models. So I can just give you some suggestions about it. VR games are easy to operate 

once it has been installed. However, if you want to enjoy some good videos, preparations are 

necessary in advance.

Generally, VR videos can be divided into two categories: panorama and 3D videos. The former 

is new shooting way and it needs a specific player. As for 3D videos, they are always displaying 

with two screens. When playing 3D videos, remember to adjust a proper proportion of the screen.



For cellphones:

Comfortable is better than expensive


All of the following devices are not very good to be recommended because some of them have 

really terrible optical glasses, but their price is really nice.


Others are interesting ones such as the one called BAOFENG magical glasses made in China, 

which seems to be reliable.



I will introduce only one device in this price range, that is Samsung Gear VR 3. This device is 

supported by Oculus technology. Personally, I think it’s the best one I have used with high 

comfort, wild vision, strong penetration and clear resolution. Moreover, there are various and 

popular games on Oculus Home, which is awesome for some gamers. However, Samsung Gear 

VR 3 has a big disadvantage, that is, it can only support Galaxy S6/S6 edge/S6 edge+, Galaxy 

Note 5 and Galaxy S7/S7 edge. If you are not using Samsung......




These devices are not concluded in my recommend list because they have many requirements 

and the system is only Android.


Summary: VR on cellphones is pretty new at present, so I think there is no need to spend so much 

money on it, but you can try the cheapest ones to have a basic understanding of VR devices.

For computers and games

I will not divide the range of price in this section because there are only three products to 

recommend, let me show you in details.

PS VR($399)

This VR device belongs to Sony company and it’s short for PlayStation VR, which costs the lowest 

in this section. PS VR can work well as long as it connects with Sony PlayStation 4. The price of PS 

4 is a little more than $400, which is much cheaper than some computers with high performance.

The resolution of PS VR is 1920*1080 with a view of 110 degree, so the screen performance is 

basically qualified. However, the advantage of PS VR is that it will take up high percentage of the 

game market, so as for the users of PS 4, this VR device is worth recommending. By the way, if you 

want to experience the somatic function of PS VR, you need to purchase PS4 Eye.


Oculus Rift($599)

This device need to connect with computer to work, but it requires much of the computer’s 

performance. As a result, the cost of whole cost is higher than $599. The official recommended 

configuration of Oculus is Intel i5 CPU+GTX970 GPU, which is pretty expensive already. So those 

who keep a computer with bad performance may need another purchase.

The resolution of Oculus Rift is 2160*1200 with a same view with PS VR. Oculus Rift has a somatic 

sensor and Xbox One hand shank. But only these configurations can not support full somatic 

functions and you need to buy Oculus Touch for designed somatic hand shank.


HTC Vive($799)

HTC Vive can be regarded as the earliest popular VR device in China. Its experience is almost the 

best among all VR devices, so the price is relatively high. This device has matched sensor and 

hand shank, which is convenient for users.

The resolution of HTC Vive is 2160*1200 with the same view with the former two devices. The 

screen performance is outstanding and strong. HTC Vive requires high hardware performance of 

the computers, at least Intel i5 CPU+GTX970 GPU. High cost as it spends, HTC Vive has the 

support of Valve SteamVR, which makes users free from worrying about the fluency of games.


Summary: the section for computers and games are different in the platforms, a user of PS4 is 

surely a fan of PS VR, while a computer user will choose from Oculus or HTC Vive.

After introducing so much about VR devices, I also would like to introduce you something 

about 3D VR videos. Actually, there are not so many 3D VR videos already for users. Don’t 

worry, I have been experiencing a very good converter called iFun Video Converter which 

has strong function of converting VR videos. Let me show you the function in details.

iFun Video Converter is video converter which can achieve any convert of video format, 

such as M4V to 3GP, MKV to AVI, MP4 to MPG etc. We are talking about VR devices, so I 

will mainly introduce its VR video converting.

In the sections above, I have talked about the definition of 3D videos, which means videos 

with two screens when displaying. iFun Video Converter can easily make it with only three 


1 Add the video file to iFun Video Converter


2 Choose the output format you want


3 Click “Convert” to begin


Once you have successfully converted the video, you can just enjoy it with your pretty VR device. 

Just try it.

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