How to convert mpg video to mp4/mov/avi/ video and mp3 audio with iFun MPG or MPEG Video Converter?

What is MPG or MPEG file format?

MPG or MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group,which includes mpeg-1,mpeg-2,mpeg-4.

MPEG-1 was applied to produce VCD(video compact disk) broadly,like VCD movies of DAT format 

and MPEG-2 mostly was applied to produce DVD(digital video/versatile disk) like DVD movies of 

VOB format and HDTV transferring and high quality video edition or processing.MPEG-4 is like a 

new way of video compression,which can compress a duration of 120 minutes video movie to a 

size of 300M video for watching in streaming websites.The MPEG video format usually ends up 

in .mpeg or MPG.

How to download and convert video from video streaming sites like 

youtube/vimeo/instagram/dailymotion/facebook to mpg format video directly with iFun Video 


First,open iFun video Converter,then copy and paste your youtube video url to URL blank space,

usually iFun Video Converter will helps you fill in the blank automatically after you copy your video 


fill in youtube video url automatically.png

Second,click "save as" option you'll see "custom" setting down there and click it and you'll see lot's 

of video format for choose,now let's choose mpg format and click "ok" button for save.

mpg option.png

Last,click "download" button and after you finish the downloading,you'll get a mpg format video 

downloaded from video streaming sites.

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngiFun Video Converter - one of the best mpg video convert helps you convert any 

popular video format to mpg format or convert your mpg videos to any other format videos 

like mp4,mov,avi,wmv,dvd,vob,m4v video or even mp3 audio file.

For example,mts videos recoded by SONY DV devices do have m2ts format,so you can convert 

m2ts video format or mts videos to mpg format for better storage since mts video files are large 

typically.Actually mpg video files do have small size with high quality definitions relatively.

let's show you how we convert an avi video file to mpg file. 

Open iFun Video Converter and click on "Add Files" button for choosing AVI file,after you confirm 

your original avi file,then you'll see "custom" setting and click on it.

video custom setting.png

after it pops up,then choose "mpg" format as output format,then click "ok" for confirmation.

video mpg option.png

Back and click "convert" button,after it finishes,you'll get a high quality mpg video file as same as 

original avi file but with a smaller size.

Also and of course you can convert your mpg video files to mov format for better tranferring and 

playing in iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad,or you can convert your mpg files to any other 

format files.

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