What is flac format and how to convert flac to mp3/wma/wav/flac/aac/m4a/ape/aiff/ogg or apple lossless format with iFun flac Audio & Video converter?

What is FLAC?

FLAC, the abbreviation of Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an audio coding format 

for digital audio, and the greatest feature of FLAC is lossless compression. 

Different from other lossy compression audio formats like MP3 or AAC, FLAC 

will not damage the original audio data, so it enables to restore CD sound quality. 

Since 2012, FLAC format has been getting more and more popular, and also 

accepted by a wide range of software, platforms and devices.

FLAC is specially designed for the characteristics of audio, so you can play FLAC 

music files on media players directly, with lossless audio quality. FLAC a total free 

and open coding format that will ensure no data loss, and you can convert FLAC

to any other format you require.

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngiFun FLAC Audio & Video Converter the best free FLAC converter

and it will offer you easy, fast and safe FLAC conversion process. You can 

convert FLAV to MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, APE, OGG, AIFF and WMA lossless.


FLAC format is lossless, and it offers much better sound quality than MP3. While 

on the other hand, MP3 format offers smaller file size than FLAC format. Convert 

FLAC to MP3 is one of the most effective ways to save space. Then, how to 

convert FLAC to MP3 via iFun Video Converter?

Open iFun Video Converter, add your FLAC files to the program, go to Custom 

menu > Audio tab, select MP3 as the output format, return to the main menu and 

click the big “Convert” button to start converting FLAC to MP3. You will also see 

that the output MP3 file size is reduced by nearly 50%.



WMA is an audio format developed by Microsoft. Both WMA Standard and WMA 

Lossless use the same .wma file extension. Compared to FLAC format, WMA is widely 

used to distribute music files online. To play music on Windows-powered devices or 

Windows Media Player, you can convert FLAC to WMA first.



Developed by Microsoft and IBM, WAV is an uncompressed audio file format for storing 

audio bitsream on computer. It is equivalent to the exact copy of the original source 

audio. Since FLAC is a lossless, both of them ensure high sound quality. If you need to 

edit the FLAC files, it would be better to convert and store FLAC files in WAV format.

Use iFun Video Converter as FLAC to WAV converter, you can convert FLAC to WAV 

quickly and easily.


FLAC vs Apple Lossless

FLAC and Apple Lossless are lossless formats. Although the compression of Apple

Lossless is not as efficient as FLAC format, it is completely supported by all Apple products 

like iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and etc. To make sure the audio files can play on 

Apple devices properly, you can make full use of iFun Video Converter to convert FLAC 

to Apple Lossless.


Compared to lossless format FLAC, AAC is a lossy format designed as the successor of 

MP3 format. FLAC format ensures better sound quality, while AAC format offers much 

smaller file size. Besides, Apple iTunes and iPod are very supportive of AAC format. 

Convert FLAC to AAC cannot only reduce the file size, but also makes it compatible with 

Apple’s iTunes, iPod and etc. 



Similar to MP3 format, OGG is lossy audio compression format. More importantly, OGG 

format is complete free, open-source and has no patent constraints. If you have specific 

requirements in open-source kind matter, you can use iFun Video Converter and convert

lossless FLAC format to OGG format directly.


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