What is arf movie video file format and how to convert arf videos to mp4/avi/wmv/mov/mp3 or wav format with iFun ARF Video Converter?

What is arf, and how to open arf file?

ARF (Advanced Recording File) is actually video file format designed and used for recording the

video data of WebEx’s online web conferencing program. ARF videos come with .arf file

extension, and the audio-only files will be saved with a .wrf file extension. ARF is a special

format for WebEx recording files, so you need the WebEx Player to open and watch ARF files.  

What if you want to open ARF files on other common media players, portable devices or share

the ARF video files with others? Convert ARF file to other popular video formats like MP4, AVI,

WMV and etc. would be a perfect solution.


iFunVideoConverter_48.pngiFun Video Converter – ARF File Converter

iFun Video Converter is one of the best tools that can help achieve fast, easy and safe 

conversion between hundreds of video formats. Now, you can make full use of this free ARF file 

converter,and convert ARF files to any other format with simple clicks.

ARF to MP4

MP4 is one of the most popular and common-used video formats supported by almost all devices

and media players. MP4 format ensures pretty good quality as well as proper file size. If you

want to convert ARF files, then use iFun Video Converter as the ARF to MP4 converter and follow

the sesteps.Download, install and run iFun Video Converter, add your ARF files to it, open the 

Custom menu and choose MP4 as the output format. Meanwhile, you are allowed to change the 

settings of resolution, bit rate and frame rate based on your own needs. Finally, save changes 

and click “Convert” button to convert ARF to MP4.


In addition to converting ARF to MP4, iFun Video Converter enables you to convert ARF to AVI

as well. Although AVI format always comes with large file size, it can contain multiple

video & audio stream files and offer high quality and cross-platform support. By making

advantages of iFun Video Converter, it is extremely for you to convert ARF video to AVI.


Due to its small-file-size feature, WMV format is perfect for online playback and sharing. 

Besides Windows Media Player, WMV format is fully supported by other players like MPlayer,

RealPlayer,VLC Player and more. With iFun Video Converter, now you can convert ARF to WMV 

with ease and zero quality loss.

ARF to MP3

ARF is the format for WebEx video file, while iFun Video Converter can complete ARF to audio 

conversion. To convert ARF to audio format like MP3, you just need to select MP3 as the output

format and then convert ARF to MP3. iFun Video Converter supports AAC, MKA, FLAC, AC3,

M4A, WAV and other popular audio formats.

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