What is 3gp and how to convert 3gp movie videos to mp4/avi/wmv video files or mp3 audio files with iFun 3gp Video Converter?

What is 3gp file format?

3GP (3GPP file format) is a multimedia container format defined by the Third Generation Partnership 

Project (3GPP) for 3G UMTS multimedia services. It is used on 3G mobile phones but can also be 

played on some 2G and 4G phones.

What does 3gp mobile videos or movies file looks like?

3GP mobile movies or videos have 2 different resolutions: resolution 176 x 144, supports playing in 

all phones and devices which support 3GP,and resolution 320 x 240, supports playing in all kinds of 

mp4 video players, SONY psp and Apple iPad etc.


Here is the screenshot of movie - suicide squad - 3gp version.

What's advantage of 3GP format video?

Nowadays,people still looking for 3gp movies and videos to watch or download free 3gp movies and 

videos in PC computer,that's because 3gp movies and videos size is very small,so transferring 3gp 

mobile movies and videos among mobile devices is efficient.Such as free sex and hot 3gp format 

videos and movies are still popular for download,because people still needs it.I'll show you some 

examples of 3gp mobile movies such as hollywood movies look like.

"Forrest_Gump.3gp" for movie "Forrest Gump",and the content size is 312.79MB, 

indeed it's very small,so you better don't expect on it too much.


Another example of 3gp video is "lovers in the car Old Videos Team-KK.3gp" and the content size is 

9.47MB,and it's duration time is 10 minutes.When content of a 3gp movie video is so great, i guess 

people don't mind whether it shows high quality resolution or not.


3GP format files such as movies and videos are not easy to find, if you are looking for some 3gp files 

for research,i'll suggest you seach "index of 3gp" or "index of parent directory 3gp" in google.com, 

you'll find lot's of 3gp videos.

As you know,3gp format is very old, and more and more people want to watch movie in a very big 

and high resolution screen due to high internet speed,so it's not usuall for us to find some new 3gp 

mobile movies on the web.

For some reasons,3gp format video and movie can not play directly in windows media player,you'll 

need update an decoder such as FFDShowMPEG-4 video decoder.But if you want convert your 3gp 

videos and movies to other formats like 3gp to mp4/avi/mov/wav/, we do recommend iFun Video 

Converter, as a professional 3gp to avi/mp4/mov/wav converter,iFun video Converter helps you 

convert your 3gp videos and movies to any format you want,even helps you convert 3gp movies and 

videos to mp3 format,so you can listen them seperately.

How to convert 3gp to mp4

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How to convert 3gp to avi

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How to convert 3gp to wmv


How to convert 3gp to mov

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How to extract mp3 audio from 3gp video

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