What is 3g2 file format, and how to convert 3g2 to mp4, avi and other popular video formats with iFun 3g2 Video Converter?

What is 3G2 video file format?

Defined by the 3GPP2 specification, 3G2 is a media container format for 3G CDMA2000 

multimedia services. Along with 3gp, the two file formats are developed to reduce bandwidth 

and storage requirements in order to accommodate the use for mobile devices. Generally, 

3G2 is much similar to 3gp file format while it comes with some new extensions as well as 

limitations. 3G2 format is supported by most 3G capable phones, applications and software l

ike Windows, Apple QuickTime, VLC media player and etc. Besides, 3G2 file format can store 

the same video streams and most of the audio streams used in the 3GP file format. As 3G2 is 

so popular video format among users, many of them would like to convert video files of other 

formats into 3G2 format to achieve better watching. In this case, iFun 3G2 Video Converter is 


iFunVideoConverter_48.png3g2 Converter – convert mp4 videos to 3g2 format

In general, iFun Video Converter allows you to convert all types of video files to 3g2 format 

easily and quickly. In addition to a wide range of video format support, the 3g2 converter gives 

you capability to change the resolution, channel, bit rate and frame rate settings of the output 

3g2 files, and make sure you get the best 3g2 video performance and quality. 

As for playing 3G2 videos, they are accepted by several players online. So you can just play 

them with your own video player. However, due to some consideration about file size, resolution 

and etc, some users don’t want to play 3G2 videos. There is no big deal as long as you have 

iFun Video Converter.

In the following, we will show you how to convert mp4 to 3g2 with iFun Video Converter 

(the steps and process can also be applied to convert any other video files to 3g2 format).

1.Download, install and run iFun Video Converter.

2.Add mp4 video files to iFun Video Converter, click “Custom”, choose 3g2 as the output format 

and click “OK” to save changes. Now you can convert mp4 to 3g2 by  clicking the big “Convert” 




How to Convert 3g2 to mp4, avi and other video file format?

To make sure your favorite videos play on different devices or media players perfectly, sometimes, 

you may need to convert 3g2 video to other format. If you want to convert 3g2 to mp4, convert 3g2 

to avi or any other video file format, iFun Video Converter can work as 3g2 to mp4 converter and 

help you make it.

With iFun Video Converter, it’s quite easy to convert 3g2 to mp4 or avi format.Run iFun Video 

Converter, add 3g2 files to it, choose a proper output format such as mp4, avi, mkv, mov, flv and 

etc., and convert. If you convert 3g2 files to play on the specific device, you can choose the device 

as the output format.Currently, iFun Video Converter supports most Apple, Samsung, Android 

devices and media players.

3g2 Converter – download and convert YouTube to 3g2

iFun Video Converter allows you to download YouTube videos and convert them to 3g2 as well. 

Copy the video URL link from YouTube, paste it to iFun Video Converter URL address bar, and 

save the video as 3g2 format and click “Download” button. With these simple steps, iFun Video 

Converter will download and convert YouTube videos to 3g2 files automatically.


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