What does mxf file mean, and how to convert mxf files to mp4, mov, avi and other popular video file formats by using iFun MXF Video Converter?

What does mxf file mean?

Defined by a set of SMPTE standards, MXF (Material Exchange Format) is actually a media container 

format that comes with .mxf file extension, rather than a video format.  MXF file is used for storing digital 

video & audio data stream, it has metadata wrapper and other data materials like various compression 

and encoding schemes included as well. 

MXF supports Panasonic P2 Movie, Sony XDCAM HD, Avid XFM Movie, Native Canon XF and XDCAM 

HD Moive.


iFunVideoConverter_48.pngMXF Converter – how to convert MXF files to mp4, avi and other video formats

Since MXF is a media container format usually for professional purpose use, so the huge majority of 

editing software like Windows Movie Maker & Sony Vegas, portable devices and media players do not 

support MXF file format. If you want to edit or watch MXF video files, you can take advantage of MXF 

converter to convert MXF files to other popular video formats.

No matter you are going to convert mxf to mp4, convert mxf to avi or convert mxf to mov, iFun Video 

Converter free MXF converter can help you make it.

Here are the steps to make MXF convert work:

Launch iFun Video Converter, add or drag mxf video files to it, set mp4, mov, avi, mkv, flv and any 

other popular video formats as the output format in Custom menu and convert. iFun Video Converter 

MXF converter can convert mxf files quickly and without quality loss.

MXF Converter – convert MXF files for Apple, Android and portable devices

It’s impossible to play mxf video files on iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices directly, while how to 

open mxf files on those portable devices? The easiest and most direct way is to convert mxf files to 

video format that Apple, Android and portable devices support. Fortunately, iFun Video Converter 

MXF converter has pre-set profiles for supporting most popular Apple, Samsung, Android devices and 

mainstream media players. You only need to choose your device as the output format and convert if 

you convert mxf video files by using iFun Video Converter MXF converter. The MXF converter 

guarantees the output videos high quality, and they can be smoothly played on the devices.

MXF Converter – convert popular video formats to mxf file

As a best free mxf video converter, iFun Video Converter allows you to convert popular video formats 

to mxf files quickly and easily as well. Apple added MXF support to its QuickTime application few years 

ago, indeed, there are some certain applications, players and devices support playing mxf files. If you 

have such requirements, then try iFun Video Converter mxf converter to convert any video formats to 

mxf files.

Want to convert mp4 to mxf or mov to mxf? Just open iFun Video Converter, add your mp4, mov, avi or 

other video files to it, choose mxf as the output format, you can also change the settings of frame rate, 

bit rate & resolution, and click “Convert” button. Through few simple steps, you can convert mp4, mov 

or any other videos convert to mxf video files.

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