What does CAM/TS or TS copy/TC/DVDscr movies mean and Comparing the quality difference among TS vs TC vs CAM vs DVDscr movie or copy?


A CAM is a theater rip usually made with a digital video camera. Sometimes a mini tripod is used 

to support the camera, but most of the time it’s not possible to use a tripod so the camera make 

shake. Therefore, you usually see the dim screen, distorted figures and tilted subtitles in 

cam-quality movies. The sound is recorded from the microphone of the camera itself, so you can 

often hear the audience's laughter and other sounds. Due to these factors, the quality of the image 

and sound are usually very poor.

Here is an example of a CAM: The Conjuring 2 2016 English Movies HD Cam-XviD AAC New 

Source with Sample ☻rDX☻


TS is the abbreviation of TELESYNC. TS is quite similar with CAM version. But it uses an external 

audio source (usually an headphone jack in the theater seats for hard of hearing people), it does 

not ensure a good audio quality due to the various background noise interference. And TS is 

recorded in an empty cinema or from the projection booth with a professional camera, so it may 

have a better picture quality than a CAM. But it has a big fluctuation of the screen. On forums, you 

can often find a original TS version and the restored version of clarity TS.

Here is an example of a TS: The Conjuring 2 HD-TS.JVC.mp4


TC is the abbreviation of TELECINE. A telecine machine copes the film digitally from the reels. The 

picture has a good quality but lack of brightness. Often the TC uses the sound source of TS, so the 

audio quality is very poor but the picture quality is much better than TS. If you’re not too particular 

about the sound, TC version can be a good choice.

Here is an example of a TC: 



SCR is the abbreviation of SCREENER. DVDSCR is a preview or beta edition of unpublished or 

informally published DVDs, which can be released earlier than DVDRip, but has a poorer quality. 

(You can often see the copyright messages and anti-piracy telephone number scrolling in the 

black bar at the bottom of the screen which disrupt the viewing.) If there is no strict division, its 

quality should be similar to TC version.

Here is an example of DVDscr: 

Captain America Civil War - (2016) - 720p - DVDScr - x265 (HEVC) - [Dual Audio] - [Hindi + English] 

- DevilRG.mkv

Based on the above, the range of video quality should be like this:DVDscr > TC > TS > CAM 

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