The best way to discovering which or what kinds of youtube channel you should subscribe?

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website that has billions of viewers. The 

available content of YouTube includes music videos, audio recordings, movies, TV show 

clips, video clips, original videos, educational videos and much more. 

Most of the YouTube content is uploaded by individuals, and famous organizations and 

corporations like BBC, CBS and etc. provide their materials and videos via YouTube as well. 

You can subscribe YouTube channels and view different videos pertaining to your hobbies 

and interests. 


When you subscribe YouTube channels, you can make your subscriptions public or private. 


However, there are more than 500 million channels available on YouTube, and this makes 

really hard for you to figure out what kinds of YouTube channels you should subscribe. In 

this article, we recommend you a website helping you discover which or what kinds of 

YouTube channels are worth of subscribing. is a well-known website which specializes in YouTube subscriber analytics 

with hourly crawls of the top 2000+ YouTube video producers and thousands of other 

video producers of various levels.

1. Hot Channels on YouTube

Do you want to know the most popular channels on YouTube, VidStatsX will tell you. The 

website has a statistical function, and it will list and rank YouTube channels based on their 

subscribers. If you want to enter one of the YouTube channel, there is no need to search it 

in Google, just click the YouTube icon next to the Video Producer name. 


2. Complete Channel Categories

However, everyone has their own interests and hobbies, and the channel which owns the 

largest numbers of subscribers may not right for you. classifies YouTube 

channels to meet the different needs of different people.

It includes Autos & Vehicles, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Film & Animation, 

Games & Gaming, How To & Style, Music, News & Politics, Non-Profit & Activism, 

People & Vlogs, Pets & Animals, Science & Tech, Shows, Sports and Travel & Events. 

Moreover, you can search and find YouTube channels according to the nations and areas, 

such as United States, Australia, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Egypt and etc.



3. Channel Trends

As one of the its main features, shows you the trends of YouTube channels. 

You will see the top gainers and top losses in the past 1/4/8/12/16/24 hours and 

7/14/30/60/90 days. At the same time, you will also see the future rank forecast and detailed 

information on subscribers and video views. 



In addition to this website, you can make full use of YouTube site to explore which or what 

kinds of YouTube channel you should subscribe. The most direct but effective way is to 

search the keywords. For example, if you want to watch Adele’s videos on YouTube, then 

search “adele” directly, then YouTube will show you what you want. 


Bottom Line

Figure out the relevant keywords and themes of your interests, those YouTube channels 

with high click rate and a large number of subscribers can always satisfy your need and 

offer you high-valued YouTube videos. 

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