The Best 8 YouTube Makeup & Beauty Channels You are Gonna Follow

1.Ilikeweylie   Fans: 1,400k

Weylie, mixed-blood of China and Vietnam, lives in Los Angeles. She graduated from FIDM and 

majored in marketing and management. Weylie is outgoing and positive, she loves big smile. So 

if you want to be sedate and awesome, you can learn from her.

The content of her video include makeup, hairdressing, sex and etc. Her speed is fast without 

panting, and she is good at performing with various facial expressions and hilarity. You are certain 

to laugh when you watch the video by her.


2.Suzie   Fans: 300k

Suzie has her own website, which is the same with YouTube channel. Her makeups are proper for 

daily life, and it’s popular among girls. The contents of her channel are various, including makeups, 

fashions, travels and many other aspects. There is a special part for gift box, very interesting to 

learn. Personally, I think the Suzie has an attractive smile with good temperament. With her makeup 

tips, everyone is going to be younger as a student. Just have a try!


3.Claire Marshall   Fans: 800k

Claire Marshall is a pretty cool makeup blogger, she started to make up from 2011, and her video 

clips are full of creativity. Her makeups are characterized by thick eyebrows, cat eye and bronzing.

Coolness as her makeup is, she is very careful and patient. Claire is always earnest in making her 

videos, thus we can tell her good attitude for life from the video clips.

All in all, if you want to be special and cool in school, just feel free to follow her!


4.Estée Lalonde   Fans: 1,000k

Estée Lalonde is Canadian, now lives in London. She is both sweet and cool with her short hair. 

Estée Lalonde is fond of lipsticks and she can teach us to make up as Taylor Swift with only 30 

dollars. If you are just beginning your independent life, you can follow her to make the most of your 



5.Tati   Fans: 1,100k

Tati is sure to be elegant, especially gentle and tender. She started to make videos since 2011, 

almost once a week. Tati is beautiful with a tender voice. In her videos, she tells us only about the 

makeups and her skin is perfect at her age.

She is elegant not only because of the makeup she has, but also refers to her cosmetics. 70% of 

her cosmetics are expensive but good to use. She has also recommended some plain products 

such as Kiko, Maybelline etc. Whatever the high price or low price, you can have a test of her 



6.beautifymeeh   Fans: 400k

This girl is Korean American who lives in Boston.although she has a baby already, she just looks 

like a young girl , even without makeups.

Compared with some white skin girls, she has a perfect makeup teaching method for Asians, 

which is suitable for both study and work every day. Korean makeups are characterized by straight 

eyebrows, white skin and thin eyeshadow. She likes to use some Korean brands such as Mamond, 

Shu uemure etc.If you want to be have like a cute rabbit, just try her makeups.


7.Meghan Rienks   Fans: 200k

This girl started to do makeup blogs 10years ago. She used to be an actress, but she became 

famous for her videos. She is good-looking and outgoing, who never shows off of her beauty.

Her makeup videos are not pretty good in technical level, but they are interesting. On YouTube 

channel, there are something about her climbing the mountain, making macarons and dressings 

etc. Besides makeups, you can also learn how to live an interesting life.


8.CoffeeBreakwithDani   Fans: 300k

She is always drinking coffee when she begins her video. Besides a room of cosmetics, there is 

room of coffee cups in her house. With a bog mouth and white teeth, she has a pretty smile. So 


She likes to share some new cosmetics in her videos and recommend the eye shadow of ColourPop 

for they are cooperating with each other. Most of her recommends belong to middle-range brand. 

She doesn’t have many makeup courses but she loves to try new cosmetics of different brands for 



Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, come and learn some new makeups.

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