YouTube is one of the best and most interesting approaches for you to learn German. In the following list, we will recommend 10 German YouTube channels for you to spend you spare time and learn some useful German.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a new word created to describe a perception phenomenon. Its main characteristic is a euphoric experience on the scalp, back of the neck, upper spine or within the rest part of the body, and it is also a kind of response to visual, acoustical, tactual or olfactory stimulation. Usually, ASMR is compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.

Since a long time, the purpose of videos is to transfer information to a great degree, and the way that information transferred by videos is the most common way among us. However, videos are always limited in a stage so that the readers can only receive information through the change of each image. As for receiving some information by ourselves, we can accept any point of view surrounded us visually and hear the sound from every where acoustically. Besides, feelings as touch, taste, gravity, accelerometer, temperature and pressure etc are huge information for us to understand while the technology has created much limitation for us to receive information only through our eyes.

There are multiple video formats available, like MP4, RMVB, MKV, AVI and etc. Well, you might be curious about the relationship and connection between the video formats and MPEG-4, H.264 and H.265 these compressed-coding standards. It’s quite complicated, and let’s start with MPEG-4.

Generally, VR videos can be divided into two categories: panorama and 3D videos. The former is new shooting way and it needs a specific player. As for 3D videos, they are always displaying with two screens. When playing 3D videos, remember to adjust a proper proportion of the screen.

Do you like exercising every day? Are you always confused of choosing a suitable way for it? There are several channels on YouTube which is helpful to build perfect figures, come and see how these bodybuilding channels can do every day.

The common range for bit depth is between 8 bit to 32 bit, and CD uses 16 bit bit-depth. Saying this, you may be confused that why do many people think 320kb ensures better sound quality than 128kb file, since the sound quality is not determined by bit rate.

Internet has always brought us with several memes which delight us from time to time. Some of the memes are common while others may not be discovered easily. Today I’m going to tell you 12 memes in YouTube rewind 2016 you hardly recognize.