What is wmv video files format and how to download youtube videos to wmv and how to convert wmv video files to mp4/mkv/mov/avi/flv/mpg/dvd or MP3/wav with iFun Video Converter?

What is WMV?

As a part of the Windows Media framework, WMV (Windows Media Video) is developed by

Microsoft, and it consists of a series of distinct video codecs and compression formats.

Nowadays, WMV usually refers to Microsoft Windows Media Video format, and we call the

WMV video format.

WMV format is designed for Internet streaming applications, and can cope with all types 

of video content. WMV files ensure small file size and retain considerably good video

quality.WMV is considered as a big competitor to RealVideo. This video format is 

supported by most media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, 

Zoom Player,RealPlayer and etc.

iFun Video Converter – WMV Converter

No matter you want to convert WMV files to other video formats, or convert any other video 

files to WMV format, you will be needing a WMV video converter. iFun Video Converter is

one of the best WMV file converter that offers you easy-to-use interface and helps you 

complete WMV file conversion between different formats and devices simply and quickly. 

Moreover, this WMV converter enables you to download and convert YouTube videos to 

WMV. Copy the YouTube video URL, paste it to iFun Video Converter Download address 

bar, save it as WMV format and start downloading. With these few simple steps, you can 

download and convert YouTube videos to WMV, and watch them on different devices at 

any time. 

MP4 vs WMV 

On the condition of same code rate, WMV, as a stream media format, offers smaller file 

size than MP4, while generally, MP4 ensures better quality. If you want to enjoy your WMV 

videos on Apple or Android devices which support MP4 perfectly, you may need to convert 

WMV file to MP4. 

How to convert WMV to MP4?

Download and run iFun Video Converter, and then hit “Add Files” button and choose the 

WMV files for which you want to change the format. Or you can drag the files to iFun 

Video Converter directly. 


After adding your WMV files, click “Custom” button and choose MP4 as the output format. 

At the same time, you can also select the specific resolution, frame rate and bit rate 

you would prefer. Click “OK” to save changes. 



Now, you can start the conversion by click the “Convert” button. iFun Video Converter 

will ask if you want to open the output folder once the conversion process is finished. 



MKV is a container format that can integrate countless audios, videos, images and subtitles 

into just one MKV file. Compared to WMV, MKV format will guarantee you better quality and 

higher compatibility as possible.  Note that the output MKV video effect depends on the 

resolutions of both the original WMV and the output MKV video.

How to convert WMV to MKV lossless? 

iFun Video Converter works as WMV to MKV video converter, and it features zero quality 

loss as well as fast conversion speed. To convert WMV to MKV, load your WMV files to this 

WMV to MKV converter, choose MKV as the output format, customize settings and start 

WMV to MKV conversion.



MOV is a video format developed by Apple, and it is the default format for QuickTime 

Player. MOV format offers quite high compression rate and video resolution. To make your

WMV videos play on QuickTime Player properly, you can convert WMV to QuickTime MOV. 

To convert WMV to MOV easily and quickly, you could take advantages of iFun Video 

Converter, a free WMV to MOV converter.



As one of the most popular video formats, AVI is supported by almost all media players. 

Compared to WMV, AVI videos come with larger file size. But convert WMV to AVI can 

largely retain the original quality. Use iFun Video Converter as WMV to AVI converter if 

you have no idea about how to convert WMV to AVI.



Video quality is influenced by the resolution, codec and other factors. Normally, WMV 

format has advantages on definition and encoding, while FLV format ensures small file size.

Convert WMV to FLV is one of the feasible and great ways to save space and storage. By 

making full use of iFun Video Converter WMV to FLV video converter, you are allowed to 

convert WMV to FLV, and get small FLV video files without quality loss.



Both WMV and MPG are two commonly-used file formats. In terms of video format 

conversion, WMV format has higher compression rate but quality loss. As for MPG format,

it ensures higher fidelity. Use iFun Video Converter can convert WMV to MPG with ease 

and get the high quality retained at the same time. 



If you already have WMV video files and want to watch them on DVD players or TV, then

you can open iFun Video Converter to convert WMV to DVD directly. With few simple 

clicks, iFun Video Converter will help you burn WMV to DVD with fast speed and original 


WMV to MP3

In addition to convert WMV to other video formats, iFun Video Converter enables to help 

extract audio from MWV files as well. Now, the converter tool supports audio formats 

including MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, M4A, AC3, FLAC and MKA. To convert WMV to

MP3, convert WMV to WAV or other audio formats, just following the steps:


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