How to convert DVD/CD audio track to mp3 and how to add a free audio track for a video with iFun Video/Audio Converter and editor?

Converting DVD movie or CD audio tracks to MP3 format files with iFun Video Converter

iFun Video converter as an audio track editor helps you convert your DVD or CD audio tracks 

to any audio format files includes wav/ogg/flac lossless files or popular format like mp3/wma 

files,let me show you how to do it.Open iFun Video Converter software and put your DVD or 

CD disk to DISC driver,then iFun Video Converter will help you load it automatically,now 

click "DVD" option you'll see your DVD or CD files.Then select "mp3" option or other audio 

formats you want in "output format" area,then click "convert" button you'll get mp3 format files 

which being converted by original DVD or CD files.


when a video movie does have double or multiple audio sound tracks,for example a movie has 

english audio track and spanish audio track.And you want to convert this original mkv format 

video for example to mp4 format but you only want to keep just one audio track like enlglish 

audio sound track,so how can you that?

Well let iFun Video Converter helps you out.Open iFun Video Converter and click on "open files" 

button and select the multiple audio track video movie which you want to convert,and you'll see 

an audio tracks option down the video title,and select the specific audio track you want before 

converting the video,then,click on "convert" button and after you finish your converting,you'll get a 

format-converted video with exactly one audio sound track which you want to keep.

audio track option.png

How do you add an audio track or music sound to a video?

Basically all kinds of video editors support adding audio track or music sound to movie videos 

usually it's free,most importantly what you have to is find audio tracks out there for these movie 

videos.And if you want to watch a movie video in a paticular auido sound and you do have that 

audio track,all you need to do is find a video player which supports audio tracks input,basically 

most popular video players support this function,so go for it.

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