How to reduce youtube/instagram/facebook HD video file size with iFun Video Size Converter

People share interesting and cool videos on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. To save and 

enjoy those videos as the way you want, you will be needing a video converter. iFun Video 

Converter is a powerful video converter and downloader, and it lets you download YouTube, 

Instagram & Facebook HD videos and convert them to any formats in an easy, free way.

How to download HD videos from YouTube/Instagram/Facebook?

iFun Video Converter supports various popular video-sharing websites. It will work as a video 

downloader and help you download HD videos from those video-sharing websites easily. Here, 

we take YouTube videos as example, and show you how to download YouTube HD videos 

with iFun Video Converter. (this guide applies to download Instagram/Facebook HD videos as 

well) To download YouTube HD videos,

1. open iFun Video Converter and go to Download tab

2. paste the URL you copy from YouTube into the address bar, open Custom menu, and 

customize the resolution (eg: 1280x720)


3. click the “Download” button, and download YouTube HD video

However, high quality videos always come with big file size. When you save YouTube, Instagram 

or Facebook videos, you definitely want to keep them in HD quality but small size. For example, a 

YouTube HD video saved as MP4 format offers 1920x1080 resolution, 2560 bit rate and around 

80MB file size. 

According to YouTube, it prefers the original, HD videos. YouTube does not set a minimum resolution 

but recommends the highest resolution available for videos. 

No matter what, HD videos produce large file size, and you will spend more time to upload, download 

or transfer. This time, you may consider reducing HD video file size, and iFun Video Converter will help 

you make it. Keep in mind that the file size of the video may affect its quality, but iFun Video Converter 

would minimize the quality loss as possible. 

How to reduce YouTube/Instagram/Facebook HD video file size with iFun Video Converter

iFun Video Converter provides you with multiple ways to reduce the file size of YouTube/Instagram/

Facebook HD videos. Through converting HD videos to other formats, customizing their resolutions 

or bit rates, you can effectively reduce YouTube/Instagram/Facebook HD video file size.

Here, we are going to show you how to reduce YouTube/Instagram/Facebook HD video file size with 

iFun Video Size Converter. Similarly, we use a YouTube HD video as an example, and follow these


1. convert YouTube/Instagram/Facebook HD video to other formats

Run iFun Video Converter, add a YouTube HD video to it, open Custom menu, choose an output 

format and convert.



2. customize YouTube/Instagram/Facebook HD video’s resolution

Add HD video to iFun Video Converter, open Custom menu, select a resolution for the video and 




3. customize YouTube/Instagram/Facebook HD video’s bit rate to reduce its file size

Add HD video file to iFun Video Converter, go to Custom menu, re-select the bit rate, and convert.



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