How to record your computer screen along with audio?

How to record your computer screen with audio? Depending on what kind of
circumstances you are in,the way to accomplish this is whether you are watching a video in your local storage with a video player or watching it online.
Let's delve into it a little further.

When you plaing a video with some video player,recording screen with audio could be
easily done by using a couple of free and popular video players.
For example VLC, First open VLC player,click on View –> Advanced Controls,and you'll see a couple of buttons down there,and then click on Media –> Open Capture Device,then set
capture mode" as Desktop,also set Desired fram rate for the capture as
10 f/s.10-12 fps works fine.

Secondly click on "play" button to save.Then click red round button which means record
button to start recording,Don't stop recording until you get what you want.
After that,VLC player will your recording file to storage in an AVI format automatically.

However we still missing audio, you can record your own voices in a seperate way and
stream your audio files with the recording files.
Back to set "capture mode" as Desktop state,click on "show more options" down there,
then select Play another media synchronously, and input your audio file to Extra media
and click on "Play" for save.

media sychronously.png

Or you can use professional tool such as Camstudio to help you achieve your needs.

If you are watching videos or something like that online,and you want to recording it

and combine an audio in it you can use chrome extensions for example Screencastify 

to get what you want.

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