How to download free and good background music and how to creat a backround music from a music video with iFun Video Converter?

Lots of online music webistes you can download free musics from there using for background music 

of your video,i'll show you some examples of them.


more videos you watched,more background musics you collected,especially on vimeo.Lot's of 

videos on vimeo show the details of background music so that you can keep them as your favorites. 

And google the authors of these musics you'll find more from them.

Check this article out for 

how to download and convert vimeo video and audio files to mp3 or other formats audio files 

using for backround music.

2,Awesome music websites

De Wolfe Music

Royalty Free Music Library from

Basically most background musics of vimeo videos come from this website,albeit it's not free but 

still affordable and worthy.

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Paying through iTunes for most musics.

Music Licensing for Film & Video

Lots of independent films background musics come from this website.

Mp3stock - музыка в MP3 формате

Most popular songs

Freeplay Music

Musics for free also in popular

How to Create a Background Music from a Music Video?

We are always fond of the background music from a music video due to its comfortable melody. 

But it’s not convenient to keep the whole video in our device. How can we create such 

background music from a music video? Here are the easy steps.

1 Add your video file to iFun Video Converter


2 Click the button ”custom” and choose output format as “MP3”


3 Click ”convert” to begin


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