How to find deleted or lost iPhone 4/4s/5/se/5/6/7/7plus messages back?

In modern world, phones mean a lot to people, we can see people walk around 

with their heads down and phones in their hands. Especially to people who are 

used to communicate through phones, data on phones such as text messages 

are of vital importance because those messages always carry the wonderful 

moments of their life. But sometimes there could be a moment of negligence 

that we delete our important messages by mistake when we are clearing the 

useless messages. Is there a way to retrieve our deleted messages on iPhone? 

“Yes, there is, recover them from iTunes or iCloud” you may say that, but what 

if we don’t have Apple account? What if we forget to back up our messages? 

Can we recover our deleted text messages without backup? Can we recover 

them within more simple steps? You can get help from Phone Saver, the free 

data &file recovery software for iOS device, just follow the steps below, you’ll 

get your deleted messages back easily.

Step 1

Download Phone Saver on your Windows/Mac, and activate Phone Saver with 

license code.


Step 2

Connect your iPhone with your PC/Mac, click scan to search your deleted data.

Step 3

Select the data type you want to recover (here we select messages), then click the 

recover button on the lower right corner.


Step 4

Choose the destination of recovery (to PC/Mac/iOS device), click OK to get the 

deleted messages back!


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