How to convert video to high quality animated GIF better than any kinds of GIF automated making tools and websites?

Here is a word we should know first before we get into make a gif and 

the word is : frame.

So, what is the frame? The films, videos and dynamic pictures we watch are all composed of 

a number of individual still images within a certain time.These single images are the frames. 

Each frame has a duration which is presented sequentially, producing the illusion of a moving 


Today, the most common online videos(including websites online videos, mobile videos sent 

from our friends, parts of the camera videos, micro videos uploaded by others on cellphone) 

use the frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps), some downloaded films use 24 fps and 

somehigh-frame videos of online video websites use 60 fps.

Some criterias you also need to know,

1,one second = 1000 ms, for normal videos in which 30 frames per second play,which 

means one frame equals 33.333 ms.

2,higher frames a Gif has, better soomther when it plays,and we can make it by using 

tools like EGA、photoshop、Aodbe After Effects,etc.

So let's do it now.

First you must have potplayer which is a video player and Ulead GIF Animator 5 which is 

another tool.Then you start to put your video and play in potplayer and pressing "ctrl+g" 

you'll see a setting screen like this,


And change the "numbers" to 500, "every #ms" to 60,and click close button to save.


Pause the video before you wanna set this pausing picture as GIF starting point and 

pressing "ctrl+g" again, click "start" button down there while put the video in playing 

until you get the picture of the GIF finishing point which you want and click "stop button".

After that, click "open storage folder" and you'll see a huge amounts of images.

Now open easy GIF animator software and click “file” option to import all these images


Click “open” option and find the folder which all your images being stored.


Next,Select all these images and click “open” button(a tip for you:pressing ”Ctrl+A” so you 

can select all images just one click).Now you are in Easy GIF animator.


You’ll see all images in left side, and right click to one of them,and select “select all frames” 

option.And click “animation properties” option down in the middle of screen and select 

“repeat forever”,select “frame propertie” option and change the delay number to “6”.


Almost finally, click “file” option again,and select “save as” option to save this file to GIF 

format, and you’ll get a super smooth and high quality gif.Congaratulations!

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