How to convert your MKV/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV/MOV videos to play perfectly on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV using iFun Video Converter?

Largely due to the Retina Display screen, Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad can deliver you 

better visual enjoyment. That’s also the main reason why Apple device becomes a popular option 

to play your favorite videos. However, videos come with different formats, and Apple just supports 

a very few of them.By taking advantage of video converter tools, you can convert videos to 

Apple-supported format and play them on Apple devices smoothly. In the following, we are going 

to discuss how to convert your MKV/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV/MOV videos to play perfectly on iPhone, 

iPad and Apple TV using iFun Video Converter.

Convert MKV to iPhone or iPad

Apple does not support MKV format. So, if you want to play MKV videos on iPhone or iPad, you 

need to convert the video file to MP4 format fully supported by Apple devices. Fortunately, iFun 

Video Converter provides ready-made profiles for different iPhone and iPad models, including 

iPhne 6/6s, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 1/2, iPad 3/4, 

iPad Air 1/2, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad 2-4.To convert MKV to iPhone or iPad, you can add 

MKV video file to iFun Video Converter, open the drop-down menu on the right side, go to 

device > Apple, choose the iPhone or iPad model that you are using, and convert. iFun Video 

Converter will convert MKV video to MP4 format that can play perfectly on iPhone and iPad. 


Convert MP4 to iPhone or iPad

Apple devices offer full support to MP4 format, so why we convert MP4 to iPhone or iPad? 

Convert MP4 to iPhone or iPad via iFun Video Converter, you are allowed to customize the 

settings of video codec, audio codec, sharpness and etc. Based on your own iPhone/iPad 

device and specific needs, you can convert MP4 to iPhone/iPad and get better quality. 


Convert AVI to iPhone or iPad

AVI video usually comes with high image quality as well as large file size, and also it cannot 

be played on iPhone/iPad directly. To play AVI videos on your iPhone or iPad, you can 

convert them to MP4 format first. iFun Video Converter will convert AVI to iPhone/iPad without 

quality loss. Just follow these steps: add AVI files, choose your iPhone/iPad model type, and 

convert. You will get video files to play perfectly on your iPhone/iPad, and they have much 

smaller file size. 


Convert WMV to iPhone or iPad

WMV is a video format of Microsoft. Is there a way for you to play WMV video files on iPhone 

or iPad? Yes, you can convert WMV files to Apple device compatible format via iFun Video 

Converter. How to convert WMV to iPhone or iPad?


Convert FLV to iPhone or iPad

Nowadays, there are many people available to use iPhone or iPad as their primary media 

player. However, Flash Video files (FLV) cannot play on iPhone/iPad properly. To deal with 

this issue, you can make use of iFun Video Converter and convert FLV to the format fully 

supported by iPhone or iPad. iFun Video Convert supports almost all iPhone and iPad 

models, so you just need to choose your iPhone/iPad model in the output format menu. 


Convert MOV to iPhone or iPad

iFun Video Converter ensures you a simple way to convert MOV files to iPhone and iPad. 

In addition to fast and safe conversion progress, you are able to configure the parameters 

of video codec, audio codec, bit rate, and choose between SD and HD, and other options. 

Convert via iFun Video Converter, now you can play MOV videos on any iPhone and 

iPad device. 


Convert MKV/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV/MOV Videos to Apple TV

iFun Video Converter also can help you perfectly convert MKV/AVI/WMV/FLV and other formats 

video files to MP4 for Apple TV. Here, we take AVI video as an example, and we’ll show you how 

to convert video files for Apple TV.Add AVI video into iFun Video Converter, open Custom menu, 

change the format to MP4 under Video tab, you can also select encoder, resolution, frame rate 

and bit rate. Save your changes and start converting. Once the conversion progress finishes, you 

can add the output MP4 video to iTunes Library, and stream it to your Apple TV. 


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