What is mov format and how to download youtube videos to mov files and convert mov to mp4/avi/mpeg/wmv and MP3 with iFun MOV Video Converter?

What is MOV format file?

Developed by Apple, MOV (known as QuickTime File Format) is a file format used forstoring audio, 

video, text and other common digital media files. MOV format ensures quite high compression rate 

and high definition videos. As a popular and cross-platform file format, MOV format is supported by 

Mac, Windows series operating system and multimedia & video editing software. MOV format is one 

of the good options to preserve videos and movies, and the filename extension of MOV format is 


mov quicktime.png

iFun Video Converter – the Best MOV Video Converter and youtube mov video downloader

No matter you want to convert MOV videos to other formats, or convert MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI or any 

other video formats to MOV files, you can take advantage of iFun Video Converter, the best MOV 

video converter, and complete MOV video conversion with ease.  

In addition to MOV video conversion, iFun Video Converter allows you to use the tool as YouTube 

to MOV converter and download and convert YouTube to MOV as well.With iFun Video Converter, 

it is super easy and fast to download your favorite videos from YouTube and convert them to MOV 



MOV vs MP4 and How to Convert MOV to MP4

Both MOV and MP4 formats are based on MPEG 4 standard. In QuickTime environment, there is 

hardly any difference between the two formats, and they are interchangeable.However, as one of 

the most commonly-used video formats, MP4 has more supports than MOV format, especially on 

portable devices. To make sure that your videos play properly, you can convert MOV to MP4 by 

using our best MOV to MP4 converter.How to convert MOV to MP4? Just follow these steps to 

convert MOV files to MP4.Launch iFun Video Converter, you can click “Add Files” button or simply 

drag the MOV video to iFun Video Converter.Click “Custom” button, open the menu and set MP4 

as the output format. You are allowed to select resolution, frame rate and bit rate as well. Click “OK” 

to save changes and return tothe homescreen. Now, click “Convert” button and finish the converting.


MOV vs AVI and How to Convert MOV to AVI

MOV is offered by Apple, while AVI format is developed by Microsoft. AVI format usually comes with 

high quality images but large file size. In terms of MOV format,it is supported by multiple platforms 

and ensures small file size. If you want to convert QuickTime MOV file to Windows AVI videos, and 

have no idea how to convert MOV to AVI, you can use iFun Video Converter as a free MOV to AVI 

converter to convert MOV to AVI simply.


MOV to MPG and How to Convert MOV to MPE or MPEG

Compared to MOV file format, MPG, the industry standard, has more widespread support like almost 

all DVD players and it always comes with high quality. iFun Video Converter will work as a powerful 

MOV to MPG converter and help you convert MOV to MPG quickly and safely. The only thing you 

need to do is to select MPG as the output format when using iFun Video Converter to convert 



MOV to WMV and How to Convert MOV to WMV

To save space and storage, sometimes, you may want to convert MOV to WMV, which guarantees 

much smaller file size. iFun Video Converter, a free MOV to WMV converter, can perfectly address 

your needs and help you convert MOV to WMV. The whole MOV to WMV conversion process can 

be completed with just few simple clicks.


Since iFun Video Converter provides a wide range of video format support, you can make full use 

of it to convert MOV to M4V, convert MOV to FLV, convert MOV to SWF,or convert MOV to WebM. 

Just make sure you choose the proper output format in the Custom menu.Moreover, iFun Video 

Converter gives ability to burn MOV video files to DVD. By converting MOV to DVD, you enable to 

watch them at home or on any DVD players freely.

MOV to MP3 and How to Convert MOV video to MP3 audio

How to extract audio from MOV? It’s easy, and iFun Video Converter is able to rip audio from MOV 

with original quality. In addition to the popular MP3 format,iFun Video Converter can convert MOV to 

WAV, AAC, WMA and many other audio formats.Please follow these steps and convert MOV to MP3, 

MOV to WAV or etc.


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