What is m4v format and how to remove DRM from iTunes m4v video movies and convert m4v to mp4 or mp3 with iFun M4V Video Converter?

What is M4V video file format

M4V is developed by Apple, while many mobile devices do not completely support this format.

Though some popular video player apps whatever these apps are pc software or mobile apps 

support playing m4v format video files,but if you buy and download a m4v video movie file from 

itunes store,and you are going to put this m4v file playing in any video player directly,you'll find 

it'll never works well because this m4v video file is a DRM m4v file.Even you change this m4v 

video to any other format like mp4 or mkv,the DRM information is still there,so you have to 

remove DRM from this m4v video file before watch it in a video player directly or convert it to any 

format you want.

So how to remove DRM from a iTunes M4V video file?

First,you need to re-download your m4v video movie from itunes store but not in higher version 

of itunes store, i'll suggest you re-download you m4v file in iTunes 10.7 or 10.5 version. 

itunes 10.7.jpg

Seond,you'll have to download and install a software called Requiem 4.1 (software supported in 

Windows and OS x).

Third,before you open Requiem 4.1 software,you have to stop iTunes process first,remember,

this is important.

Finally,you can open Requiem 4.1 now, and it'll scan your drm m4v video files in iTunes and 

remove drm information automatically.Congratulations if you work out on your drm m4v video 

remove.Now let's get into convert m4v video file to any other format like mp4/mov/mkv/avi/wmv 

even mp3,lot's people like to only listen auido in a mo4v video,so they'll just need to convert the 

m4v video to mp3 file.

How to convert m4v to mp4?

With iFun M4V video Converter,you can easily get these works done.For example convert m4v 

to mp4,After you’ve downloaded iFun Video Converter, install and run it. Click “Add Files” button 

to add the M4V videos you want to convert. 

Next, open “Custom” menu and choose MP4 as the output format. You can also select resolution, 

frame rate and bit rate. 



Now click “Convert” to start converting your M4V videos. After eh conversion is done, you can 

transfer them to your mobile device or watch them on your PC whatever you want. 


How to convert m4v video to mp3 audio?

Then i'll show you how to convert m4v video file to only mp3 format file by using iFun Video Converter.

Open iFun Video Converter and select your m4v video file and get down to "custom" setting option.

m4v file custom setting.png

Click "custom" setting you'll see mp3 button and click on it and choose mp3 format and click on "ok" 

for confirmation.Then click on "convert" button for start converting.

convert m4v to mp3.png

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