How to convert flv files to mp4/3gp/avi/wmv/mpg/mpeg/swf/dvd format files or MP3 files with iFun FLV Video Converter?

What is FLV?

This is the sample of a flv file link for download:

[IPZ-307] Beautiful Legs Race Queen's Sweet Temptation Maika Kawanami Sc2_MPRT.flv

And the size of this file is only 200MB.

FLV is a file format of Flash Video. FLV file format is developed from the launch of 

Flash MX, and used to store and deliver video streams over the Internet. Indeed, 

FLV format provides a quite perfect solution for Internet video streaming and 

sharing, and makes it possible to watching Internet video files smoothly. Since 

FLV videos always come with small file size and fast loading speed, now it has 

already become the most commonly used video format adopted by most video 

sharing websites and web video module technology. 

iFun Video Converter –Free FLV Video Converter and Downloader

Supports a wide range of video formats, iFun Video Converter allows you to 

convert FLV files easily, quickly and safely. By making use of this FLV video

converter, you can convert FLV to MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV and other popular video

formats with just a few clicks. 

In addition, you can use iFun Video Converter as FLV video downloader to 

download FLV videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream and other video websites. 

How to download FLV files using iFun Video Converter? We take YouTube video 

as an example. Copy the video URL from YouTube, paste it to iFun Video Converter 

Download address bar, save as FLV format and click “Download” button. The best 

FLV downloader will download and convert YouTube to FLV automatically.

FLV vs MP4

As a media file format, FLV is mostly used for online video streaming and 

downloading. While MP4 format stores videos and audios in pretty good quality,

and almost all platforms, devices and players support this video file format. 

If you want to convert FLV to MP4, iFun Video Converter as an advanced FLV to MP4 

video converter can help you complete FLV to MP4 conversion. How to convert FLV to 

MP4? Just follow these simple steps: 

Launch iFun Video Converter, click “Add Files” to input your FLV video files. 


And then click “Custom” to set MP4 as the output video format. iFun Video 

Converter also allows you to select resolution, frame rate and bit rate for 

the output MP4 format. Do not forget to save changes by clicking “OK”.  Now, 

all are ready, and you just need to click “Convert” button to start converting.




Normally flv format video doesn't support playing in a phone or pad,so if you 

download aflv video from a video streaming website you'd better convert it to 3gp 

format for perfect playing in mobile devices .

So let's show you how to convert flv to 3gp with iFun Video Converter.Open iFun video

Converter,and click on "add files" button and find where're your flv files in.

After you select your flv file,click on "custom" and you'll get a setting guide like 

this (image below).

flv to 3gp settings.png

Select 3gp option and select what's resolution of this video you are going to

convert,and click "ok" buttion for confirm.and you'll see the video size difference

bewteen two kinds of video format.

3gp video size.png

Then click on "convert" button ,after finish it,you'll get a 3gp video with original

video content.


Compared to FLV, a flash-based video format, AVI format always offers better

quality but larger file size. AVI is mainly applied to multimedia compact disc for

storing the video, movie and a variety of video content. How to convert FLV to

AVI? It’s simple and fast to convert FLV to AVI with iFun Video Converter.



Developed by Microsoft, WMV is a file format that can be played on a variety of

players and devices like BlackBerry, Creative Zen, Dell Player and more. Now, you

can use iFun Video Converter as a free FLV to WMV converter to convert FLV to WMV 




MOV is a file format for storing audios and videos developed by Apple. It is a

widely accepted format supported by many editing software, media players

and PC platforms including Mac and Windows. Particularly, if you want to play

your FLV videos on Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player, you need to

convert FLV to MOV. Using iFun Video Converter, you can convert

FLV to MOV directly.



MPEG format is associated with MPEG-1, 2, 4, 4 and 21 compression standards.

Usually MPEG videos come with good quality and small size, and they can run

on Windows, Mac and many other portable devices properly. MPEG format has

 advantages over FLV format. You can use iFun Video Converter to convert

FLV to MPEG or convert FLV to MPG.



SWF, known as small web format, is an Adobe Flash format for webpage design,

animation production. SWF files could contain animations, audios and other

elements, and it ensures efficient delivery over the Internet. For making it easier

to inset a video file into HTML pages, you may need to convert FLV to SWF,

then use iFun Video Converter as FLV to SWF converter and convert FLV to SWF.


Compared to other video formats, there are more comprehensive and richer

FLV video resources available.  Convert FLV to DVD is one of the best ways to

play your favorite FLV videos on TV or DVD players anytime you like or keep

those FLV videos forever. iFun Video Converter allows you to convert

FLV to DVD. Meanwhile, you can get the DVDs to FLV or any other formats as well. 

Converting FLV file to MP3 file

Click “Add Files” button or drag FLV video file to iFun Video Converter window. 

Find “Custom” option and open it. Select MP3 as the output format. 

You can also set parameter attributes, such as sample rate, bit rate 

and etc. Click “OK” to save changes.



Click “Convert” to convert FLV video file to mp3 format file.


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