How to Convert DVD files to digital format like MP4/avi/mov/mkv/MP3 file save to PC computer?

If you want to enjoy DVDs anytime anywhere, the simplest and quickest way is to convert 

DVD to other popular video formats supported by portable devices like mobile phone, 

tablet and etc. A powerful and reliable DVD converter is what you will need. Regarded as 

one of the best DVD converter tools, iFun Video Converter helps you rip DVD movies and 

convert them to any other format.

DVD to PC is one of the most effective ways to backup your favorite DVD movies. iFun 

Video Converter offers you a total free way to copy DVD to computer, and you can easily 

rip and save DVD to PC using this converter. So how to save DVD to computer in 

different formats?

DVD to MP4

MP4 is the most common video format supported by almost all devices and players. It 

is the most reliable option to make sure your DVD movies play on portable devices properly. 

iFun Video Converter will work as DVD to MP4 converter, and convert DVD to MP4. You 

can store those DVD movies on your computer, or transfer them to portable devices.

How to convert DVD files to MP4 format in different resolutions?

Launch iFun Video Converter, choose “DVD” module and then click "+ Load DVD" button to 

load DVD from your DVD drive. Find "custom" button in the right panel, click it and select MP4 

as output format, and choose whatever resolution you want, then click "OK" to save it. Now, 

you can click "Convert" button and finish the converting.




As a traditional video format, AVI supports multiple audio/video streaming that is similar to 

DVD video format. AVI format mainly applies to storing TVs and movies. Convert DVD to AVI 

is a great way to get DVD movie quality maintained. How to convert DVD to AVI with zero 

quality loss?




iFun Video Converter can help you convert DVD to MKV quickly, and it guarantees the output 

MKV files high video quality and acceptable file size. How to convert DVD to MKV via 

iFun Video Converter?



DVD to MP3

Besides convert DVD to video format, iFun Video has capability of converting DVD to audio 

format as well, such as MP3, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV, WMA and much more. Here, we take 

DVD to MP3 as an example, and show you how DVD to MP3 converter works, and how to 

convert DVD to audio format.




MOV is an audio/video format developed by Apple. If you are going to play your DVD movies 

on QuickTime Player, definitely you will be needing to convert DVD to MOV. Here’s how to 

convert DVD to MOV.




As a video format developed by Microsoft, WMV format ensures small file size and WMV 

video is suitable for sharing and playing online. Convert DVD to WMV can largely reduce the 

video file size and you can have more space and storage saved. How to convert 

DVD to WMV using iFun Video Converter?


Moreover, iFun Video Converter provides ready-made output profiles for people who use 

Apple and Android devices. Without additional settings, you can choose your own device as 

the output format, then iFun Video Converter will convert the video files to the format perfectly 

suitable for your device.

DVD to Android

iFun Video Converter offers ready-made output file to popular Samsung devices including 

Samsung S6, S5/S4, S5 mini/S3, Galaxy Note, Note 5/4, Note 3, Galaxy S2/S, Galaxy Tab 

and Android devices with different resolutions. How to convert DVD to Android?



For Apple users, iFun Video Converter supports iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus, 

iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 1-3GS, iPad 1/2, iPad 3/4, iPad air 1/2, iPad Pro, 

iPad mini, iPad mini2-4, iPod 1-3, iPod touch 4, iPod nano 1/2, iPod nano 3/4, iPod nano 5, 

iPod nano 6 and iPod nano 7.

For example, if you want to convert DVD to iPad, just choose iPad as the output format in 

Custom menu. iFun Video Converter supports all iPad models. Here’s how to convert 

DVD to iPad.


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