How to convert dv video file format to mp4/mov/avi/dvd format with a professional dv movie video converter which is iFun Video Converter?

iFun Video Converter – Free Advanced DV Video Converter to Convert DV Format to 

mp4/mov/avi/dvd format

For people who are looking for a free advanced DV video converter to convert DV file format, 

iFun Video Converter offers all they need. iFun Video Converter DV Converter ensures a wide 

range of format supports, intuitive & clean interface and fast DV file conversion. First of all, let’s 

get DV definition straight. 

What is DV video file foramt? 

Launched in 1995, DV is actually a format for storing and recording digital 

video. Its specification defines both tape format and video codec. Based on 

the stored native DIF bitstream and container, DV can also be subdivided 

into DV-DIF, DV-AVI,QuickTime-DC and MXF-DV. DV is the standard format of 

home video production, and it is now widely used for professional video and 

movie purpose as well. 

DV video format.png

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngDV Video Converter – Convert DV video File to Any Other Format file

As a powerful DV video converter, iFun Video Converter offers you a super-easy and direct way 

to convert DV to MP4, convert DV to MOV, convert DV to AVI or convert DV to any other 

video & audio formats. It’s easy, fast and guarantees high video quality at the same time. By 

converting DV to other popular video formats, it’s quite convenient for you to watch and enjoy 

them anytime anywhere. 

How to convert DV video to other formats file with iFun Video Converter DV Video Converter? 

The whole conversion process can be completed by just few simple clicks.Launch iFun Video 

Converter, add DV video to it, select MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV,FLV, 3GP and others video or audio 

formats as the output format,and convert. 

DV Video Converter – Convert DV Files for playing on Apple, Android and Media Players

iFun Video Converter DV Converter provides a shortcut for people who want to play their DV 

videos on different PMP or media devices. Due to the integrated output files, you can convert 

DV to the video format perfectly suitable for playing on Apple, Samsung,Android and media 

players, without setting anything.

The DV Video Converter supports: convert DV video to iPhone, iPad & iPod,convert DV video 

to Samsung, Android devices, and convert DV video to popular media players such as WMP, 

VLC, KMPlayer, Zoom Player, RealPlayer,DivX Player and others.

DV Video Converter – Convert Video Files to DV Format

iFun Video Converter can convert videos of all popular formats to DV file format including MP4 

to DV, MOV to DV, AVI to DV, MKV to DV and etc.with ease. Import video files to iFun Video 

Converter or download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and etc. with iFun Video Converter, choose 

DV format from the Output Format pane, meanwhile, you can make setting changes of resolution, 

frame rate and bit rate, and click “Convert” button to convert MP4, AVI, MKV and other video files 

to DV format files. 

DV Video Converter – Convert and burn DV File to DVD video

In addition to helping convert DV to MP4, DV to AVI, DV to MOV and etc.,iFun Video Converter can 

also act as a useful DV to DVD converter. Firstly,transfer your DV or MiniDV to your computer, import 

them to iFun Video Converter, and then convert your DV files to DVD with very fast speed and high 

output quality. With iFun Video Converter DV to DVD Converter, you can watch DV video on all 

mainstream DVD players at home. 

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