How to download Youtube video subtitles or Youtube automated closed Captions?

Sometimes youtube videos with subtitles in it really help you a lot,especially when the language 

of content which video showing is not your native language and you can not understand it 

totally without subtitles,and the thing is that content really allure you and you really want to into it.

But subtitle in video does not work always,since the caption sometimes delay and you can not 

be abreast of it.and other problems like captions blurry, not showing up,won't turn on or even 

shows like a black box,things like that make you really uncomfortable,so if you can download 

the subtitle of video,way better experience for you to enjoy that content.

Before we get into how to download youtube video subtitles,First,Let us see what's difference 

between subtitles of being uploaded by youtube video owners(auto-timing subtitles) and 

youtube automated closed caption(machine-generated).Here is auto-timing subtitle looks like,

auto-timing subtitles or full titles which uploaded by video vlogger.png

And here youtube automated closed caption is like this below,

youtube cc caption or youtube automated closed caption.png

As google official explained before, automated(machine-generated) captions not only help 

the deaf and hearing impaired, but with machine translation, they also enable people 

around the world to access video content in any of 51 languages.Though it's not perfect, 

even not good enough, lot's of youtube vloggers and users said youtube capitons were 

terrible and hilarious sometimes,google said they'll improve this with time,and they 

claimed not always the closed captions were good,they can still work and better than 

nothing.And auto-timing subtitles which are being uploaded by youtube video owners are 

more accurate and good experience for subscribers with watching.And i'll show you below 

how to download them both

First,open your chrome browser or if you don't have one download it.and search an extension 

which called Tampermonkey and install it.


Secondly,you'll have to install two scripts which represent two different ways to download 

youtube cc and another subtitle.If you don't know what script is, never mind,just let it go 

and what you should do is click the install button always.



Here are links to install both two scripts:

After you finished install,close your chrome browser and open it again, and open a youtube 

video with subtitles whatever the subtitle is cc or auto-timing,and you'll watch some options 

in video page.


Hooray, you made it! but sound ridiculous for you install a bunch of stuff like these?I totally 

understand,so here is another way of how to download video subtitles and it's way more 

easier.Here is the screenshot of this site:

the screeshot of a tool which download youtube closed caption automatically.png

Here is the link:, put your youtube video url right there and select 

which subtitle you want to download.

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