video player guideline and summary for you to know more about video player. Actually there are only 3 media players which are MPC-HC,Mplayer,VLC player in the world,all the rest are built with one of them(especially MPC-HC and Mplayer).

As google official explained before, automated(machine-generated) captions not only help the deaf and hearing impaired, but with machine translation, they also enable people around the world to access video content in any of 51 languages.Though it's not perfect, even not good enough, lot's of youtube vloggers and users said youtube capitons were terrible and hilarious sometimes, google said they'll improve this with time,and they claimed not always the closed captions were good,they can still work and better than nothing. And auto-timing subtitles which are being uploaded by youtube video owners are more accurate and good experience for subscribers with watching. And i'll show you below how to download them both.

Add external an .srt/.ass/.ssa sutitles to video Before you want to convert it to whatever the format you want,There is no need to load an extra .srt subtitle file to video player when you want to watch that video.

Pros of MP4 format: High quality. Best file format for moving over the internet and storing where storage is limited. Cons of MP4 format: No specific cons.

When you convert videos, what format suits you most and what encode way will you pick? In this article, I will give a detailed comparison of different video formats and video encoding.

Format Package is an all-in-one video software as a video converter, DVD ripper and online video downloader. It enables you to convert videos among various kind of formats for different popular devices, download HD videos from popular streaming sites and convert them into any format you'd like. What’s more, it helps you rip and back up DVD to hard drive for better protection and longer storage.

There are bunch of software for converting and downloading video. From the famous DVD rippers such as Dvdfab, Anydvd, Clonedvd, to newly popular all-in-one video solutions such as Format factory, Handbrake, Freemake, Wondershare Video Converter, Anyvideo Converter, each of which varies in a raft of subtle ways. It’s hard for users to make a choice, let alone some of these products even provide online version and PC version.