Converting lossless m4a audio file to wav/ogg/flac/m4r or mp3/wma lossy audio file with iFun m4a lossless audio Converter

What is M4A audio file format?

M4A is the multimedia format for storing MPEG-4 audio files, and it usually uses the Advanced 

Audio Coding (AAC), a lossy compression method. Since Apple begins to apply M4A format to 

its iTunes and iPod, in order to distinguish between the video file and audio file of MPEG 4, M4A 

format becomes more and more popular. The file extension of M4A format is .m4a, and currently, 

almost all software supportive of MPEG-4 audio support M4A format.

iFunVideoConverter_48.pngiFun M4A Audio & Video Converter 

is the best free M4A file converter that allows you to convert M4A to many other audio formats, 

such as M4A to MP3, M4A to WMA, M4A to WAV, M4A to M4R, M4A to AAC, M4A to FLAC, 

M4A to OGG and more. 

How to Download and convert YouTube video to M4A lossless audio

In addition to M4A format conversion, iFun Video Converter can also work as YouTube to M4A 

converter and help you download YouTube to M4A directly. How to download M4A files from 

YouTube? Just copy the URL from YouTube, paste it to iFun Video Converter, save it as M4A file 

and click the “Download” button. 


M4A vs MP3 and How to Convert M4A to MP3

Both M4A and MP3 are audio file formats. At the same bit rate, M4A audio file offers better sound 

quality than MP3 format. MP3 format is one of the most popular audio formats that is widely used 

for Internet downloaded audio files. It is quite easy to convert M4A file to MP3 by using iFun Video 

Converter M4A to MP3 converter.Open iFun Video Converter, click “Add Files” or drag m4a audio 

file to IVC window directly. Open “Custom” menu, and select MP3 as the output format. Click “OK” 

to save changes. Now, you can click “Convert” and convert m4a audio file to mp3 format.


M4A to WMA and How to Convert M4A to WMA

WMA is an audio format developed by Microsoft. It can ensure low compression rate as well as 

good sound quality. While, M4A format usually takes less space and offers better quality than 

WMA format. Taking advantage of iFun Video Converter, you can easily and quickly convert 

M4A to WMA.


M4A to WAV and How to Convert M4A to WAV

Compared to M4A format, WAV is raw and typically uncompressed audio file format that can ensure 

higher bit rate and better sound quality. How to convert M4A to WAV? iFun Video  Converter can 

help you convert M4A to WAV without quality loss. 


M4A to M4R and How to Convert M4A to M4R

M4R is the format for iPhone ringtong file. iFun Video Converter is also a M4A to M4R converter, 

with it, you are allowed to convert your favorite songs to iPhone ringtong. How to convert M4A to 

M4R via iFun Video Converter? Similar to convert M4A to MP3, WAV and WMA, you just need to 

select M4R as the output format in the Custom menu when you convert M4A to M4R.

M4A vs AAC and How to Convert M4A to AAC

AAC encoded audio files can have multiple extensions including .aac and .m4a. AAC is an encoding 

method, while M4A is a container format, so, M4A audio files can be encoded by AAC. Basically, there 

is no big difference between M4A and AAC. Of course, you can also convert between the two formats 

simply with iFun Video Converter.


M4A vs FLAC and How to Convert M4A to FLAC

FLAC is a lossless audio format, and M4A is a container format that can contain AAC or Apple 

Lossless audio files. To compare their sound quality, you have to make sure what kind of audio file 

is contained in the M4A format. Since iFun Video Converter supports the two formats, so you can 

convert M4A to FLAC. To convert M4A to FLAC: 


iFun Video Converter supports a wide range of audio formats. In addition to above-mentioned MP3, 

WAV, WMA, AAC and FLAC, you can also use this M4A converter to convert M4A to OGG, convert 

M4A to AC3, convert M4A to MKA and etc.

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