How to merge external .srt/.ass/.ssa subtitles to mp4/avi/mov/mkv videos with Format Package

Add external an .srt/.ass/.ssa sutitles to video Before you want to convert it to whatever the format you 

want,There is no need to load an extra .srt subtitle file to video player when you want to watch that 

video,except that, also you can get:


Some videos with special formats like .rmvb .rm do not support playing in video player with extra 

subtitle file or not compatible with it.


Like an unique and interesting .srt subtitle file you can creat it must be very cool for you to share it 

with your frineds who will see some special stuff in it.

Now,I'll show you in pictures how i add an external .srt subtitle file to an AVI video before i plan to 

convert it to mp4 format.

First,open format package software and select "add files" option and load which video you want to 



Secondly,click the "no title" option and select "add title" which you can load extra .srt/.ass/ssa files 

from your computer.

add subtitle.png

After you finish it,then start off convert,and you'll get what you want.

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