Which kind of free online video downloader and video converter Software is the best for you?

There are bunch of software for converting and downloading video. From the famous DVD rippers such 

as Dvdfab, Anydvd, Clonedvd, to newly popular all-in-one video solutions such as Format factory, 

Handbrake, Freemake, Wondershare Video Converter, Anyvideo Converter, each of which varies in a 

raft of subtle ways. It’s hard for users to make a choice, let alone some of these products even provide 

online version and PC version. 

With this post I will make a further discussion of user experience of these video tools.Let’s begin with 

problems you have encountered when using video converter & downloader.

> Some products are bundled with other software, which may be reported as malware by anti-virus 

programs. Users have to be very careful when install it, trying to avoid toolbar and crappy offers. Like 

the picture below shows,

Don't trap in bundle install.jpg

> Some video converters support lots of formats. But they have more work to do with  optimizing. I 

have seen lots of complains about being crashed or quit unexpectedly when converting. For example, 

if the converter doesn’t support 3gp format quite well, subtitles will be lost when you convert the file to 

mkv. Some users may even find conversion fails when the video is converted to MP4 or the original file 

contains multiple tracks.

> Some software have comprehensive functions, which you can tell from the UI. However, users may 

find it’s difficult to understand because all the functions are just listed there without any focus. When a 

product first releases, the design is often simple and easy to use. But with more and more updated 

version, the design becomes more complicated too. That’s why many users prefer not update. 

However, adding support for uncommon video formats (m2ts e.g.) or providing more features will 

bring convenience to users. The product needs to be more functional while keep simple and clean. 

That’s what we Format Package always working on. 

Then we go to the cons of video converter & downloader online version and PC version. 

The biggest con of online video converters is that it has limitation of converting file size and numbers. 

Some free converters need registration, which will ask for email address or sns account. Then you 

will receive lots of junk mails. I’m sure most of you have experienced it.

Another con of online video converters is advertisement. Since the products are free, ads is the only 

way to gain profit. Some advertisements are hard to tell from the banner you intend to click. What’s 

more, click error will lead you to install something like toolbar or downloader, which is hard to uninstall. 

If the anti-virus program doesn’t remove them in time, your PC will be totally messed, believe me.

like this,

false download button1.png

false download button2.png

Since there are so many products, like PC Dvdfab, Anydvd, Clonedvd, Format factory, Handbrake, 

Freemake, Wondershare Video Converter, Any Video Converter and online Clipconverter, 

Saverformat, Youtube.io, is there any alternative? There is no specific answer because every 

product has its pros and cons, just like ourselves. My suggestion is to be carefully choose what 

you need. That will be enough. 

At last I want to have a brief talk about Format Package. It lacks many functions compared to some 

mature products. But it is easy and simply to use with clean design. And the free version will meet 

your daily needs. We are working on improving Format Package to make it better and more powerful.

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