How to convert ASF files via iFun Video Converter ASF to MP4 Both ASF and MP4 are video formats. The big difference between ASF and MP4 is that minority tools and players offer support to ASF format, on the contrary, MP4 format is perfectly supported by almost all players, devices and platforms.

If you want to download and convert a youtube video/audio file to an audio fromat file only like mp3 or wma file,i still recommend you download the youtube video/audio file to wav audio format file first because it's quality lossless with iFun video Converter which aslo can be a youtube video/audio to wav file free downloader without quality loss.

ARF (Advanced Recording File) is actually video file format designed and used for recording the video data of WebEx’s online web conferencing program. ARF videos come with .arf file extension, and the audio-only files will be saved with a .wrf file extension. ARF is a special format for WebEx recording files, so you need the WebEx Player to open and watch ARF files. What if you want to open ARF files on other common media players, portable devices or share the ARF video files with others? Convert ARF file to other popular video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV and etc. would be a perfect solution.

HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265, is a new video compression standard that can replace H.264/AVC encoding. In a sense, HEVC can be considered as the new successor to H.264/AVC. HEVC compression schemes will increase a 1080P video’s compression efficiency up by 50%. If we compare HEVC/H.265 with H.264/AVC at the same level of video quality, we find that HEVC/H.265 can double the data compression ratio.

So what a VIDEO_TS.BUP and VIDEO_TS.IFO file mean and how you can play the vob format movie files even you know they all are movie clips? VIDEO_TS.IFO was used in controlling the play of VOB video files,so you can get the playing information details of this dvd vob video files. When you put your original DVD discs and playing in a disc drive,the .IFO files help you choose what audio track and subtitles you want if the original VOB DVD files do have these infomation. For example like this picture below shows each vob video file playing duration. and VIDEO_TS.BUP is the copy of .IFO files.

What is f4v? Developed by Adobe Systems and supported in Adobe Flash Player, f4v is high streaming media format for high definition purpose. The difference between flv and f4v is that flv uses h263 codec, while f4v is based on H.264 video encoding standard and supports HD video, and the bitrate up to 50Mbps.

AVCHD Converter If you are an AVCHD camcorder user, you may need an AVCHD file converter for converting Sony AVCHD or Panasonic AVCHD videos in mts or m2ts format to other popular video formats like mp4, avi, mov, mkv, wmv and etc. In this way, you can enjoy your AVCHD movies or AVCHD videos filmed with Sony, Panasonic, Canon & other mainstream AVCHD camcorders and cameras on any devices at anytime. Since many people are still unfamiliar with AVCHD, we talk about what is AVCHD first in the following article.

What does mxf file mean? Defined by a set of SMPTE standards, MXF (Material Exchange Format) is actually a media container format that comes with .mxf file extension, rather than a video format. MXF file is used for storing digital video & audio data stream, it has metadata wrapper and other data materials like various compression and encoding schemes included as well.