Internet has always brought us with several memes which delight us from time to time. Some of the memes are common while others may not be discovered easily. Today I’m going to tell you 12 memes in YouTube rewind 2016 you hardly recognize.

It is said that French is the most romantic language in the world, do you like it?You may have no idea that YouTube is a good channel for us to learn French. Today I’m going to introduce you 10 awesome French YouTube channels you can download them all for learning french just in 1 click with iFun Video Converter and the perfect YouTube downloader.

For people who are going to create their own videos or movies, they can take huge advantages of the following article, in which we introduce and list dozens of cool websites that offer free HD stock video footages or HD video clips. Definitely, you can always find at least one HD stock video footage website to satisfy your needs.

Generally, most people require a video editing software program which is easy to use and can minimize the quality loss of the output videos. So they will be able to join, trim or cut video or movies with ease even without professional skills and knowledge.

Traveling has become an indispensable part among people with the rapid development of transportation. During each amazing journey, shooting helps record what you have seen in those beautiful places. To make your pictures and videos better presenting for your friends, I recommend some useful tips and principles for you to take great ones.

Since makeups have become more and more popular both online and offline, today I am going to introduce you the best 8 YouTube makeup and beauty channel for preparing you a pretty Christmas and New Year.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website that has billions of viewers. The available content of YouTube includes music videos, audio recordings, movies, TV show clips, video clips, original videos, educational videos and much more. Most of the YouTube content is uploaded by individuals, and famous organizations and corporations like BBC, CBS and etc. provide their materials and videos via YouTube as well. You can subscribe YouTube channels and view different videos pertaining to your hobbies and interests.

Recently, an increasing number of people are fond of shooting videos with their iPhone so that they can record daily life in a more vivid way. However, videos shot by iPhone are usually big in size, which is inconvenient for us to save. How can we shoot good video with iPhone and edit and convert these videos into other formats easily? I will introduce you some awesome Apps in the following passage.